The intention of this service is helping you to learn about your Mac.

By providing you with clear, and easy to understand answers to questions you submit, it will allow you to use your Mac better, faster and with less pain.

Computers are meant to help the users in their work, however, often, due to lack of knowledge or understanding, users are adapting their work, or workflow to the Mac, instead of other way around.

My goal is not only to provide you with a "quick fix", but also to explain and help you understand, so next time you might find a solution easier and possibly on your own.

In case you are new to the Mac, you might be disappointed when, despite using a "user friedly computer", you run into situations where you do not understand what is going on.

Or if you are switching from a PC to Mac, you might wonder how to do things you used to do on your PC.

So if there is something bothering you while using your Mac, don't hesitate but simply ask!.

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